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Photos of Senegambia Beach (85)

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Senegambia Beach
Kairaba beach
Senegambia strip area restaurant
Ali Baba
Senegambia beach area
Senegambia strip
All Italiana Resaurant
It's party time!
Chinese restaurant
Kylin Restaurant
Sarge's Hotel
Sarge's Hotel

Kairaba Hotel
Senegambia Hotel
Senegambia H.
Senegambia Beach Hotel Beach
The Gambia's first amusement park
beach side development area

Senegambia Strip
Towards Senegambia Hotel area
Seaview Garden Hotel
Deloitte and Touche building New hotel development
Towards Bijilo Beach Senegambia Highway
House on main Kombo Coastal Road Tourist Development Area
Towards Sarge's Hotel in Senegambia World of Cosmetics
Bush Garden Restaurant Gambia Tourist Support restaurant and office
Tao Oriental and Asian Cuisine Restaurant Sunbathers at Senegambia Hotel
Mandela's Seafood and Steak House Restaurant
Sea views

Senegambia Strip
Vultures at hotel garden

Craft Market

Night time at
Al Basha
Senegambia Beach
Tourist guides building near Kairaba Hotel Paparazzi Bar
Senegambia Strip area with bar
Uncle Sam
Restaurant complex Senegambia Strip
Senegambia TDA Jewel of India, Senegambia
Palm Trees Towards Pipeline traffic lights
All Italiana Restaurant dirt road to Bijilo Beach
New building development on coastal road Towards Senegambia Junction
House on main road House construction
Kombo Coastal Road
Towards Kerr Serring
Coastal Road
Senegambia Junction
Gambia Tourist Taxis Senegambia and coastal road
Road side property development
Senegambia junction towards Kairaba Avenue traffic lights
Gt Bank and Human Rights building Alfie's Restaurant
Office complex on main coastal road
Petrol Station Building near Senegambia Strip area
Senegambia Hotel pool Ali Baba Restaurant
Senegambia strip Ali Baba Restaurant
Senegambia Strip
Human Rights building
Kora Restaurant
Restaurant diners
Ali Baba Restaurant
Alfie's Juice Bar
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