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Singateh (Freaky Joe)

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Sing "a" teh or Freaky Joe is a performer of Gambian hip-hop, Afro Manding, reggae and ragatone. In February 2008 he won the best selling solo artist award by Gam-Spirit Music Award organised by Champion Sounds Promotions at a colourful ceremony held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel. Singateh’s Inc is a company established by Singateh a.k.a Freaky Joe and his Manager Pa Ousman Joof on April 10th 2006 during Singateh’s USA tour in college park, Atlanta, Ga.

Born as Alhagie Singateh in 1982 in a small riverine community in the hinterlands of The Gambia, Sing-a-teh (A.K.A. Freaky Joe) at a very tender age, has portrayed a resounding talent as both an academician and a musician. Between spending Friday nights doing acapellas in street squares to performing at school events, Sing-a-teh was already on the track to creating a hobby that would eventually lead to a life-long passion for him.

Sing-a-teh spent his entire Primary School education and Middle School education in Bansang, and shortly attended Armitage High School before transferring to Gambia High School in the Greater Banjul Area. Sing-a-teh has played numerous roles in and out of his school career. He has served as a student prefect and a student deputy head boy during his school days in Bansang. Sing a teh's music career started in 2001 when he composed his first single "GAMSAINTS RECONCILIATION" a song dedicated to Gambian students urging them to reconcile and put aside there differences for national interest. Composed during the Gamsaints Reconciliation week The success from this effort earned him the much needed respect, and popularity from all sectors of the Gambian community and afar.

Following the popularity of his first single, he dropped another one entitled "More Message", a song that calls for youth empowerment. The reception and success of these two singles earned him the "Best Solo Artist of the Year 2001"," West Coast Radio Artist of the Year 2002", YIDAC PILLAR of the Year 2002, "FRIENDS OF THE CHILDREN" and several other titles and awards. From then on, he kept on excelling to higher heights winning more awards and soon started his own concerts across the country making his music and lyrics well known and loved by all and sundry.

The Gambian show biz witnessed a dramatic wind of change since after the discovery of Sing-a-teh's unique and melodious voice and due to the quality of beats produced by his mentor, and producer-friend HAKIM of "THE SUNS OF LIGHT". Sing a teh is the first Gambian artist whose voice was heard on BBC's famous morning programme "NETWORK AFRICA”.

He released his first 9 track Audio Album in the local market of the Gambia in July 2005 and in December of 2005, a 13 track CD released was for the European Market which was distributed in major European Countries including Sweden , Germany , England , Norway Finland. This CD was re-mastered (featuring two new songs) with a promotional DVD his 2006 U.S. tour, a tour that was facilitated by the African Artist Association (an agency in the business of tapping and promoting African Artist the world over headquartered in Queens-N.Y) served as an eye opener and an extra step in the right direction for Sing-a-teh as it gave him the opportunity to forge new relationships and to horn his skills in the music biz.

Sing-a- teh just finished his 2nd Album with the Sun's of Light studios in Atlanta and he is back in the Gambia promoting it. This new album is more of Dance Hall, reggae and Raggatone; Hip hop compilation and a fusion of indigenous Senegambian boom "Mbalax", that is fully fit for any market. He did collaborate with few American up coming stars.

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