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Telephone Calls To Gambia

• Dial out code: 00
• International Dialling Code: 220

Making Calls From Banjul:
You have two phone options for making calls locally. The first is by going to a telecentre & the second option is to buy a cellular phone (commonly referred to as a "mobile"). A local telecentre in Gambia is like a payphone—you can make calls from there, but it is trickier to receive calls. Telecentres are everywhere, especially in residential area.

Calls are bought by the unit, rather than the minute, with local calls costing far less units than international calls.

Approximately, local calls cost about one dalasi per minute, while international calls cost about $0.90-$1.10 per minute. Note that in many telecentres, rates differ depending on the hour and day—Sunday night after 11:00 pm are usually the cheapest.

The Gambia uses UK and French phone jacks so you may need an adapter for both types of socket.

Buying a mobile phone, called a "mobile," is a reasonable option if you intend to stay in the country for a while and the device (and the cost) can be shared among several people. Mobile phones from the United States will not work in The Gambia, so don’t bother bringing them. Mobile phones can be bought at many Gamtel, Gamcel and Africell offices. One Africell office is located on Kairaba Avenue, in the large white building at the junction with Mosque Road (number 73 on “Bakau to Serekunda area” map) Also on Kairaba Avenue, a Gamtel Office is located slightly past the junction with Post Office Road, coming from Fajara (number 86).

There are three parts you must buy to make a mobile function—the actual phone, a SIM card, and a scratch card. The cheapest phones run at about $14.00 to $16.00. A SIM card, (a one-time purchase) plugs in to the phone, hooking you to the network and providing your unique phone number. Africell SIM cards run around $0.50; Gamtel SIM cards are about $1.00.

The final component is a scratch card, which acts a substitute for the phone plans you buy in America—it gives you a set amount of talking time. Your scratch cards must be bought to correspond to the type of phone; i.e. a Gamtel phone card will not work with an Africell phone. They can be purchased at many local shops and telecentres—look for the signs that are usually posted outside the building. Scratch cards can be bought in varying amounts at the price of about $0.04 per unit, ranging from about $1.50 to $9.00. Units correspond to minutes by a certain variable, depending on whom you phone—international calls take up far more units than local ones. For instance, a scratch card costing about $1.50 will give you about two minutes to talk to your family in America but about 45 minutes to speak to your friend in Serekunda. You only need a scratch card to make outgoing calls—the best part about Gambian mobiles is that incoming calls (including international) are completely free.

Making Cheap Calls To Gambia:
There are now many free downloads allowing people in the USA, UK or Europe to make cheap / free calls to Gambia.

This can be done through smartphones, phone cards or pc to pc or pc to landline international phone calls over the Internet to Banjul.

Among the free calls apps for smartphones are Viber, Vonage, Nimbuzz, Fring, Tango, NetTalk, TalkBox, Vtok and Skype. Among the other VoIP services are London Web, Yahoo Voice and Google Hangouts, GTalk To Voip. The last of which allows some 'free' landline calls as well by switching it to low cost local rates. For more information see Voip Review (USA), or which include reviews and comprehensive resources of services available in your country.

Another budget option is to buy phone calling cards which can be cheap compared with standard services.

Other services include:
Betamax GmbH - Sipdiscount (Germany)
Live Messenger

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