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Tipping In Gambia

Tipping Advice:
When you are staying in the major hotels it is expected that you are going to give a tip. This is an important source of income for the front desk, room and restaurant staff in hotels and it has been estimated by the hoteliers that staff get about an equal amount of their monthly salaries from tips. Room service personnel also expect tips, but it is wiser to give them a small gratuity of about 1 a couple of times a week, than waiting until your departure.

Waiters & Waitresses:-
When you have finished eating you can tip around 7.5% of your total bill as a tip. When you consider that your restaurant meal may come to say 10 and that their daily wage is under 1.50 per day. It is common to see tip boxes in many of the resort hotels and restaurants as some staff do not get the chance to directly interact with tourist like waiters and reception staff.

When you go on a group excursion it is normal to give a gratuity at the end of your tour of about 2. This is shared among the tourist guides. If there are lots of people helping you then it's better to give them a bulk sum of cash to be shared out among themselves. For longer trips running into a couple of days a tip of 4 should suffice if you are part of a group of travellers.

Never tip drivers of taxis unless of course they have gone out of their way to give you extra services like carry your luggage to your room or get you out of a problem then you can give them a moderate amount of money as a gift such as .50 pence.

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