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Transportation Sector in Gambia

The Gambia is well served both by air and sea transportation however, opportunities exist in this sector to improve existing services, add new services or provide services not currently available.

Air Transportation:
Air freight capacity is restricted in both availability and regularity year-round.

Sea Transportation:
The Port of Banjul is the major port in The Gambia and is one of the most efficient and safest in the region. Its location, 26 miles from the Atlantic Ocean on the Gambia River allow it access to both ocean going vessels and smaller vessels which can navigate up to 300 miles into the interior.

• The Port’s current facilities include:

• Total quay length of 750 meters

• 38,000 square meters of open storage

• 3,000 square meters of covered storage

• An entrance channel with a minimum depth of 8.5 meters and a maximum depth of 10. meters.

• Two 2,000bhp deep-sea tugs

• Containers-17 moves per hour

• Bagged cargo-1,000 tonnes per shift

• General cargo- 48 tonnes per gang hour

Investment Opportunities:
Increased passenger air links, both direct to Europe and the US, but also to regional hubs.

• Air cargo services
• Airport services

Sea cargo services, both for The Gambia and trans-shipment to regional markets River transportation both for cargo, passengers and tourists.

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