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Tumani Tenda Eco-Reserve

Tumani Tenda Camp        Riverside Lodges
Tumani Tenda river bolonThe Jola village, near Kafuta, operate a conservation project area, part of which is cultivated, and the project is centred round the Tumani Tenda Camp.

This is a community that is working together to make best use of all its resources - natural and human. Over the past 10 years, the villagers of Tumani Tenda have established one village enterprise after another. Their first was a community forest and that maturing plantation is now a sure supply of construction timber and firewood. And, densely planted to discourage grassy undergrowth, it is also a fire break, which protects their houses and 89 hectares of valuable mature trees from the sudden dry season bush fires that can sweep in from the interior, destroying everything.

Later the villagers established a community vegetable garden. Covering more than three hectares it is divided into three parts. One third is planted with cassava, which is worked by the whole village. Another third grows banana; plots are owned individually but ten per cent of any sales are given to the village garden fund. The remaining third of the garden is a mosaic of colourful and carefully-nurtured vegetables.

The area's other resource is the river: the creek is a steady source of small fish as well as oysters, which cling to the roots of the mangroves along the banks. Buoyed up by their success with trees and vegetables, the community now has its own small trawler, which recruits a volunteer crew to venture further downstream fishing deeper waters.

The villagers give visitors the chance to experience their local cuisine, traditional Jola dances, sacred rituals and sometimes invite guests into their compounds.

The villagers give you the chance to experience the rich complexity, self-sufficiency and tempo of village life. Opportunities are available to visit women's projects, the school, the poultry, the horticultural garden and community forest. Visitors are encouraged to absorb themselves in the atmosphere of the village through asking questions and participating in certain activities in order to gain understanding of life in a rural Jolla Community. In essence visitors can experience a unique blend of education, vacation, recreation, relaxation, adventure and learning.

Opportunities are available to buy products made by the people of Tumani Tenda which visitors may take home as distinctive souvenirs of their experience, such as soap, baskets, batiks and tie and dye material. Day trippers to Tumani Tenda will be able to experience the special relationship that the villagers have with the natural environment and witness the many examples where the villagers conserve and preserve the environment from which their living depend on.
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