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Western Union Money Transfer To Gambia

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Western Union has the largest network of any of the international money transfer companies with over half a million agents worldwide present in more than 200 countries and territories. WU is widely represented in all West African countries.

You can send money to Gambia by Western Union money transfer either in person by visiting one of more than 500,000 agent locations worldwide, by telephone or online via the internet. Currently beneficiaries in The Gambia can only receive cash in Dalasi by visiting any WU agent branch collection point in Greater Banjul or other locations in the country. Among these outlets are banks, bureau de change, mini-markets and other retail outlets.
How To Send Money To Gambia in Person:

  Money in Minutes Service
1. Locate the nearest Western Union to you.
2. Enter information in their 'To Send Money' section of the form and select Money in Minutes and Cash Pickup. For added security you may choose a secret question and answer which you should convey to the recipient.
3. Hand over to the agent the filled in form along with the cash you wish to remit along with the transaction fee.
4. Retain your receipt and give the receiver the transaction tracking number (MTCN) which can be found on the receipt. The receiver can use the information to pick up their money.

How To Send Money Online To Gambia

  Money in Minutes Service
1. Log in to your profile. If you don't have a profile, you can register for free.
2. Choose their Money in Minutes service.
3. Enter your receiver's name, address, destination and amount.
4. For the delivery method choose 'Cash'.
5. For the USA pay with your debit or credit card (issued by a bank in the United States).  Card issuer cash advance fee and associated interest charges may apply.
6. For the UK pay with your Maestro, Visa, MasterCard,  or Visa Debit (Visa Electron and Delta), or pay via bank transfer (SOFORT). Card issuer cash advance fee and associated interest charges may apply.
7. You will receive a transaction confirmation by email. Note down the tracking number (MTCN) and give it to the receiver for cash remittance pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions:
 What do I need to remit money from an agent location?
A) A valid form of ID and/or, in some instances, depending on the amount of the transfer, identification or other details to satisfy government requirements.

 What is the most money I can send from an agent location?
A) The amounts can vary from country to country; you should ring your nearest agent and ask them for details. Certain security compliance requirements may have to be met depending on the amount to be sent.

 Do I need a bank account to send money?
A) No.

 Does the recipient have to pay any fees?
A) No, all fees are paid by sender of the funds.

 How can I find out if my money transfer has been received?
A) Go to the website of Western Union click on their 'Track Transfer' link. Once on the page you enter your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and other basic details.

 How are money transfers paid out to individual receivers?
A) The recipient is paid in cash in the local Gambian Dalasi currency.

How To Receive Money in Gambia:
   In Person
 Visit an agent location near you with your government-issued ID card, passport,  or driver's license. Ask the sender for the tracking number (MTCN), the amount sent, know the country the funds were sent from and the security question and answer IF the sender has made it a requirement. The agent will also ask you the name of the person who sent you the funds.

Frequently Asked Questions on Receiving Money:
 How can I find out if a money transfer is available for me to pick up?
A) You can track your Order Status online. All you need is the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and the sender's name.

 What is considered valid identification to pick up a money transfer?
A) An officially issued Gambia government ID card from GAMBIS, a driver's license or passport.

 During what hours is the service available?
A) This depends on the opening hours of the agent you choose to visit. Some places are open until late at night, such as in the Senegambia area of Kololi.

 Do I need to pay a fee when collecting my money in Gambia from a Western Union agent?
A) No, all fees are already paid by the sender.

 Do I need a bank account to collect the remitted funds?

Sending and receiving Agents in UK can be found in other parts of England such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds.
See Agents in the UK.

There are also Western Union agents in all the EU / Western European countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, France and other European Union countries. For all other countries and locations not listed see the WU
Agent Locator.


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