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Overseas Associations of Gambia

In the Bronx, New York city the Alliance of Gambian Associations in the Americas is apolitical, and does not participate in any political discussions or forums.
The Atlanta-Gambia Emergency Relief Association is committed to create a relief fund to confront challenges within the community.
Association of Minnesota
Aims to "protect and preserve the heritage, culture, history, language, and strong family lifestyles of all of our members and families".
Basse Association Inc. BA
Founded in Cologne (Germany), in 2009, by the citizens and descendants of the Basse Santa Su township.
Brikama Society
Formed in 2009 in Seattle it has been organized for the Development of People in Brikama and around its geographical area.
Connecticut Gambian Association
The organisation was established on the 10th May 2014 to to promote and advance the solidarity and friendship that exist between them and the other communities of their adopted home of Connecticut.
Gambian American Association
Based in Washington DC it aims to combine the efforts of the diaspora community for a common aim of providing assistance to the community through annual events.
Gambian Association of Michigan
Monies raised by the association are used to finance the activities of its members and also to make donations to charitable causes in The Gambia and the U.S.A.
Gambian Association - Oslo, Norway
Established in 1972 by a group of Gambian sailors living in Oslo. The organisations gradually grew since then and today they have about 1000 members.
Gambia Christian Organization of Atlanta
GCO is a community of Christians resident in the United States of America with their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The association was created in 1993, and has over 60 members.
Gambian Finnish Association
The association's goal is to bring the Gambians living in Finland together and promote the spirit of unity. 'Suomi-Gambia Yhdistys' also wants to assist the Gambians and offer them help and support in special  situations
Gambian Society in New York
Its main mission is to serve as a central focus to the Gambians and all African immigrants living in New York metropolitan area.
Gambian Texas Association [GTA]
They are committed to the building of a strong community & "to promote the interests and welfare of our people".
Gambia United Society [UK]
GUSUK is committed to promoting social and cultural diversity by exploring history, cultures, and traditions and through a better understanding and integration of different ethnic minority groups in east London.
Kombo Sillah Association [UK]
An organisation of Gambians and friends of the Gambia currently resident in the United Kingdom.
Seattle Gambia Association [SeaGam]
There goal is to promote cross cultural understanding between Gambians and the local Communities in the greater Seattle area. SeaGam is also committed, have and continue to provide financial relief to needy students based on merit.
The Swedish-Gambian Niumi Cultural Association aims to help Gambian families, particularly youths and women to solve their problems by informing and integrating them about the difficulties they may encounter in Swedish society.

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