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Land For Sale in Bijilo, Gambia
Land For Sale in Bijilo
  Location:  Bijilo

Price: D650,000

Size: 50 x 18 sq. m.
Property Description:
A long & narrow fully fenced empty plot for sale in Gambia's Bijilo is available at an affordable cost bearing in mind the plot's prime location in ksmd on Western Region in a quiet residential area. Nawec mains water & electricity supply nearby.
Fully Fenced Empty Plot For Sale
  Location: Bijilo

Price: D450,000

Size: 20 x 20 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is a modest sized lot set in a housing area. It has full height boundary walls and provides a total area of 400mē.
Land For Sale Near Bijilo Beach
  Location: Bijilo

Price: D2,300,000

Size: 26.88m x 35.66m x 25.88m x 25.88m
Property Description:
A reasonably priced empty fenced lot close to the Atlantic beach in Gambia's West Coast Region in the Greater Banjul area. It makes an ideal property investment. There is an unfinished building to ground slab level.
Bijilo Land For Sale, Fenced
  Location:  Bijilo Heights

Price: D1.3 million

Size: 80 x 27 sq. m.
Property Description:
This listing is a large, bare plot for sale in Bijilo Heights with its own boundary walls & located in a residential area. The plot covers a total area of approximately 2,160mē of open ground.
Unfenced Empty Plot For Sale
  Location: Bijilo

Price: D850,000

Size: 35 x 25 x 41 x 28
Property Description:
The vacant land is demarcated on 1 side by a block wall & in other sections by corrugated sheets. It is a bare patch of ground in a residential area & 250 metres to the main Coastal Highway in the Western Region of Gambia. Close to Brusubi turntable.
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Please Note Disclaimer: Always use the services of a Banjul based lawyer before buying any properties or making any real estate decisions.

Above you will find listings of plots, photos, owner's contact addresses, some telephone numbers, emails & main locations in the Kombo Saint Mary Division (ksmd) and Western Region.
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