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Land For Sale in Brikama, Gambia
Land For Sale (30m x 24m)
  Location:  Brikama Nyambai

Price: D225,000

Size: 30 x 24 sq. metres
Property Description:
This is quite an affordable fully fenced empty plot lot for sale in Brikama Nyambai which you can buy for just D225,000. The plot is in the Kombo Central District in the Western Region.
Plot For Sale (40m x 22m)
  Location:  Brikama Town

Price: D350,000

Size: 40 x 22 sq. m.
Property Description:
Here is an opportunity to buy a vacant lot on offer in the town with an area of 880m2. It is in the Kombo Central District of The Gambia.
Land For Sale (30m x 28m)
  Location:  Brikama Gida

Price: 30 x 28 sq. m.

Size: €4,200
Property Description:
This is an averaged sized budget priced plot being offered for €4,200 which is about D185,000 (subject to exchange rate fluctuations). This is an unfenced tract covering a ground area of 840mē.
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Please Note Disclaimer: Always use the services of a Banjul based lawyer before buying any properties or making any real estate decisions.

Above you will find listings of plots, photos, owner's contact addresses, some telephone numbers, emails & main locations in the Kombo Central District of the Western Region.
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