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Ocean View Land For Sale in Batakonko, Gambia

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Property Location: Batokunku, near beach

Plot Size: 45m x 30m sq. m. (partially fenced)

Sale Price: GMD 3,500,000

This is one of those rare opportunities to buy an empty plot of land with Atlantic Ocean front sea views for sale in Gambia's (Batukunku) Batokunku Village area. The real estate is untouched with palm trees & shrubs and is partly fenced.

It could be used to build a beach front property or as an investment in a small hotel or tourism related commercial activity.

Plot price offers are subject to change without notice. Always confirm details with the property title holder or estate agents concerned.
Contact Land Owner / Agent Address Details:
Duma Sang Sang Gambia Ltd.
Kololi, Senegambia Junction
(Near Bijilo)
Greater Banjul area
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 4466003



Website: here

* Property Code: RR39 Batu Kunku

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