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Cheap Empty Land For Sale in Batokunku

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Property Location: Batokunku, West Coat Region
                                   near Tujering

Plot Size: 30 x 30 sq. m.

Sale Price: D400,000  (negotiable)

A bargain offer of a vacant plot of pristine, semi-forested land for sale in the Gambia's Western Region in Batokunku (also spelt Batukunku). The area is developing into a sought after quiet residential district. The vacant lot is not far to the main highway and also has good access to a road.

Plot price offers are subject to change without notice. Always confirm details with the property title holder or estate agents concerned.
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Contact Land Owner / Agent Address Details:

Property Bantaba
Greater Banjul area
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 9835005
            +44 7897407650

          Property Ref: 0019

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