Gambia Land For Sale   Gunjur

Empty Lot For Sale in Gunjur, Gambia (50m x 50m)

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Property Location: Gunjur
  Western Region

Plot Size: 50 x 50 sq. m. (2,500m)

Sale Price: D200,000

This is a bargain priced, unfenced empty land for sale in Gunjur which is 200 metres from the Kombo Coastal Highway of Gambia.

The private residential plot has many palm trees and is encircled by plenty of natural wilderness.

As with many of the properties in this area of the Kombo South District there is no mains water or electricity nearby so you would have to make your own arrangements like drilling a borehole and using a generator or some solar PV panels.

Plot price offers are subject to change without notice. Always confirm details with the property title holder or estate agents concerned.
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Contact Land Owner / Agent Address Details:
Barry's Property
Greater Banjul area
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 77 47 518
                     77 77 431


* Property Reference: Gunjur 002

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