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Airline Baggage Allowances, Gambia
     Airlines   Flights Banjul International Airport 
    *Note: The weights given are subject to change without notice. Always check with the carrier concerned.

  ASKY Airlines
Banjul air ticket reservations agency
Your luggage allowance is 30 kilos for Economy Class passengers and 40 kilos for Executive Class passengers...

  Brussels Airlines
Free Baggage Allowance:
Checked-in luggage - Long-haul 23kg x2 economy class and 32kg x2 business class.

Checked in Luggage:
Maximum of 20kg free checked baggage.

  Gambia Bird Airlines
The free airline baggage allowance within West Africa and to-/from Barcelona is 30 kilos* in Economy Class and 40 kilos* in Premium Class.........

  Monarch Airlines UK
Gambia Experience: Luggage allowance of 25kg (20Kg in the Summer) and a 5 kilos hand luggage entitlement. Their standard baggage allowance for holidaymakers is 20kg per person year round.

  Royal Air Maroc
Bertil Harding Highway, Banjul, Kololi
If you are traveling on economy class you are allowed 30 kilograms. Business class has 50kg while both have 8kg of hand luggage.

  Thomas Cook Airlines
Hold Baggage:
If you have made a flight only booking then no hold baggage is included. Every passenger is allowed 20Kg...



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