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Animal Husbandry in Gambia

     Agricultural Suppliers  

  Agro Vet Company Ltd.
...importer and distributor of animal health products, livestock feeds & equipment to farmers engaged in animal husbandry.

  Ethnic Groups
Then there are the Tukulor who share strong ties with the Fulani's culture, history and traditions and are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.

  ITC - Gambia
Kerr Sering
...main original objective to research and multiply the unique N'Dama cattle breed in their traditional region of West Africa.....The cattle of ITC were originally distributed in many herds all over The Gambia and the transformation of that cattle stock to a nucleus breeding unit in 2 sites...

  Walo Development Enterprise
Mamadi Manjang Highway, Banjul area water to poor rural villages in order to increase incomes for families....Other Activities: Honey Production Cattle and sheep husbandry Eco-tourism



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