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Cabbage   Construction Equipment Hire
  Civil Engineering Cos. Consumer Research Surveys
Capacity Building Cleaning Contractors Container Carriages
Cape Point Restaurants Cleaning Services Container Ship Charter
Carbon Dioxide Cocktails Container Vessel Handling
Carrots Coloured Glass Construction Aggregates
Cash-in-Transit / Safe Commercial Banking Contractor's All Risk Insurance
Cashew Nut Exporters Commercial Bldg Contractors Corporate Financial Advice
Casual Wear Compacting Machines Corporate Branding Identity
Charter Airlines Company Logos Corporate Management
Chicken Chow Mein    
Chicken Stir Fried Rice Compound Courier & Freight Tracking
Chicken Tikka Masala Computerised Accounting Craftsmen
Children's Bank Accounts Computerised Bookkeeping Croissants
Children's Clothes   Crustaceans Exporters
Chili Peppers Concrete Cucumbers
Chinese Restaurants Concrete Mixers (Hire) Cuisine
Chocolate Importers   Cummins Generators
Christian Dior Conference Management Curry
Citrus Fruit Exporters Consequential Loss Insurance  
  Consignment Shipping Customs Clearing Agents
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