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Compound, Gambia

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  Agriculture & Farming
A family unit consisting of dwellings and a private yard. Smaller sub-divisions of the compound are the Dabada and Sinkiros.

It is a mixed area of affluent seaside beach homes, working class compounds, bars, restaurants & supermarkets. At its busiest heart is the area around the Gamtel, Post Office, market...

  Cape Point
Because of this factor the locality is one of the safest places to live or go on holiday in Gambia as there are professional security guards and watchmen at almost every compound. Furthermore the electricity and water supplies are more stable...

  Circumcision Ceremony
The girls partly sleep in a special compound in the village and go into the bush again and again during daytime. When the children finally come out of the bush...

  Family Structure
At the lowest village level there is the compound which would have the eldest male as the head of the household and possible several other families who share blood ties as well as the wives and children, uncles, aunts and grandparents. His role is of decision maker...

  Tobaski Feast Day
Gambians should wear their finest clothes and if possible brand new. You are also expected to do a thorough spring clean throughout your compound...

  Tumani Tenda Eco-Reserve
The villagers give visitors the chance to experience their local cuisine, traditional Jola dances, sacred rituals and sometimes invite guests into their compounds...

To start of with, on the day of action, wrestlers from each village paraded from their compounds into the arena, accompanied by drummers and fans who sang their praises...

   Estate Agencies 


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