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Consumables Distributors in Gambia

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  A. Sumareh Motors
Banjul area, Bakau New Town
A retail distributor of car spare parts, accessories and consumables such as top cylinders, engine oil, spark plugs...

  Azimex Enterprises Gambia Co. Ltd.
27 Old Jeshwang, Banjul / Serrekunda Highway
Azimex is a partnership which was founded in 1999 is a large importer and distributor motor components, car parts and consumables store.

  Borries General Spare Parts
ksmd, Banjul area, Latrikunda
They sell various auto parts, accessories and consumables such as car oil and brake / hydraulic fluid.

  Buga Bamba Spare Parts Shop
Latrikunda Sabiji
A store that sells vehicle replacement components and consumables such as car oil, brake fluid and interior

  Cimar Spare Parts Shop
Tabokoto, Banjul area
A motor vehicle replacements, accessories and consumables store.

  Cofson Marketing
They are one of the most foremost distributors of car spare parts and consumables, such as car batteries, lubricant oils and hydraulic fluid in The Gambia.

  Forster's Stationery Shop
Greater Banjul area, Kombo Sillah Drive
Forster's is a retail and wholesale dealer in stationery, office equipment, furniture and consumables. Among their products and services.....

  GamParts Company Ltd.
Old Jeshwang Highway
These typically include tyres, shock absorbers, kick starters, spark plugs, radiators, fan belts, ball joints as well as car consumables.

  Jaafar Trading
18 Old Jeshwang Highway
They are also dealers of consumables and automobile accessories. Sample Stock of Vehicle Parts: Alternator bearings...

  Kap Business Services
8 Sayerr Jobe Avenue, Serrekunda
Parts and consumables, such as ink and toner, for the printing industry sector.

  Modern Stationery Store Gambia Co. Ltd.
55 Kairaba Avenue, Fajara, Greater Banjul
Dealers in Iomega, Epson, hp, Lexmark, rotring & Canon printers, toners, fax machines, consumables & other...

  People Enterprise
27 Kombo Sillah Drive, Serrekunda, Banjul area
A retail store with vehicle replacement parts and consumables such as oil filters, hydraulic fluid etc.

  S.B.D Printing & Stationery Supplies
Westfield Junction, Serrekunda, Banjul area
A stationery supplies shop which also sells printer consumables in Serrekunda.

  Theonath Enterprise
Western Region, Brikama Highway
Auto car parts and consumables such as spark plugs, pistons, engine oil and fuel filters.

  Thomex Enterprise
Kombo Sillah Drive, Serrekunda, Banjul area
A store with sales of autotrade spare parts and regular replacement consumables. Some examples are timing chains, fan belts, car alarm systems,...


Above you will find each company's background information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region of, West Africa.


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