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Curry in Gambia


  Clay Oven Indian Restaurant
Fajara, Banjul area
Their curry can be made either very hot and spicy, or medium hot to very mild. If in doubt over your selection the staff are very helpful and are all too happy to help you...

  Green Mamba Garden
Senegambia, Kololi
Lola's Curry
Mild Curry-Banana Cream for the sensitive taste...Mongolian & Gambian dishes...

  Koko Curry Indian Restaurant
Banjul area, Kairaba Avenue, Fajara M Section
They serve a superb selection of lunchtime Indian culinary wraps which have been infused with an assortment of spices and herbs; light curries to suit everyone's taste buds which are accompanied with rice and naan bread.



Above you will find reviews, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails & main locations in the Greater Banjul area, ksmd, of the western coast region of West Africa.


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