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Drums in Gambia

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  Brikama Woodcarver's Market
Banjul area
You will find the usual items for sale such as Djembe drums, painted calabashes, chains...

...a set of 3 to 4 drums commonly used in Gambia as well as the rest of West Africa. The drums are single headed with an elongated goblet shape, usually placed on a single stand and the end is covered in cow hide.

  Cultural Dancing
Although each people have their own favourite drumming tunes and unique dance styles, most Gambians perform a similar popular dance. Typically a circle or semi-circle is formed with the dancers facing the drummers.

Djembe drums   Djembe Drums
They are popular in Gambia and the rest of West Africa and accompany many musical ensembles and styles that require a heavy percussion rhythm played by a master....Each group has its own type of drums:...

The sabar drum (Sabarro in Mandinka) is by far the most common instrument...The mbėng-mbėng is the mid-range accompaniment sabar. Like the nder, it can produce several different pitches and tones using different methods.

  Sunwing Craft Market
Cape Point, Banjul area
The market has more than 50 stalls selling jewellery, caps, shoes, paintings, tie and dye, batik, drums,...

The tama is a 'talking drum,' or a drum whose pitch can be regulated. The player puts the tama under one shoulder and beats the tama with a curved stick held in the other hand. To regulate the pitch, the player squeezes the strings that surround the tama with his arm

   Music  Craft Markets  


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