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HACCP Compliant Food Exporting Companies in Gambia
  Atlantic Seafood Company Gambia Ltd.
Denton Bridge, Sarro, Banjul & Netherlands
Atlantic Seafood's hygiene and safety standards operate under the seven HACCP principles. To keep informed about any new regulations TASC cooperates...

  Rue Chicken Ltd.
Kairaba Avenue, Banjul area
...poultry farm, which was established in Banjul in 2008...The facility is operated in line with the 7 HACCP principles which is a food safety standard used in the food processing industry...

  West Africa Aquaculture
Banjul farming of Black Tiger Prawns....High standards of quality control are maintained throughout the antibiotic free rearing process from hatching to maturation to supply which is in line with HACCP guidelines.

  International Pelican Seafood
Kankujeri Road, Banjul capital
The frozen fish processing plant complies with HACCP regulations which is a requirement for companies that wish to export to the United States and other countries.

  Olima Fishing Company Limited
All their seafood products are freshly prepared locally in their HACCP compliant factory, filleted / whole, boxed, blast frozen with an IQF freezer then loaded onto refrigerated containers...

  Rosamond Trade Gambia Ltd.
Sarro, Denton Bridge, Banjul
The Rosamond Trade Factory is a HACCP certified fish processing plant that sells exports of fresh and smoked fish to the USA and EU.

  Fisheries & Seafood   Poultry Farms


Above you will find each firms' information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, emails, some faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area, ksmd, of the western coast region of West Africa.



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