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Cooking & Food 

  Clay Oven Indian Restaurant
The Dum Phukt method of cooking uses dough to seal the container with the ingredients which is then placed into a Tandoor oven enabling all flavours being released from the herbs and spices to be kept.

  Food Explanations   Chicken Yassa
Also common in Senegal it is grilled and cooked chicken (marinated) made with onions, herbs and spices served on a bed of rice or couscous. 

Crops   Traditional Medicine
The use of traditional remedies is not restricted to particular doctors or healers. Most older Gambians, particularly the leaders elders of a community, know how to use certain plants or herbs to facilitate good health....

  Koko Curry Indian Restaurant
Kairaba Avenue, Fajara "M" Section
...wraps which have been infused with an assortment of spices and herbs; salads and great Biryanis....

  Kankurang Mask
Traditionally the Kankurang is an important binding influence on traditional Mandinka society as he served to disseminate to the circumcised the rules of social behaviour, the importance of brotherhood, hunting practices and the medical uses of plants and herbs....



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