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Organic Food in Gambia

  Radville Farms Gambia Company Ltd.
Nemakunku Village, Banjul area
.......the largest exporter of crops in the Gambia, it accounts for 75% of exports & cultivates 300 hectares of vegetables & fruits........Almost 50 percent of the 300 hectares cultivated are devoted to organic farming.....

  Africa Organics
The HFP essentially began as a field trial which created four market garden projects for young men in Kiang West area of The Gambia in West Africa. The Home Farm Project assists young men who wish to remain in or return to their home villages.....

Logo   Gaya Art Café
Bertil Harding Highway, Kololi, Senegambia
Blend of fresh organic dishes with a twist. A selection of tapas, salads, freshly baked foccacias and tortilla. There is also a variety of freshly roasted coffee beans from other countries.

  Maroun's Supermarket
Kololi, Banjul area
Organic Blue Agave (low glycemic). Chilled Foods: Anchor Butter, Alpro yogurt cultures, Bertolli olive oil spreads, Vitalite, Clover, Creamfields low fat yogurt, Asda soft cheese, Kraft Philadelphia cheese (spring onion, sweet chilli), Onken yogurts, President mini-butter packets, Primula Cheese (prawns, ham, chives...

  Gam Juice Gambia Company Ltd.
Brusubi Turntable, Banjul area organic drinks processing factory producing locally pressed tropical fruit juices from mango, orange, banana and Wonjo. These beverages are sold in the local market as well as shipped overseas for export...

  Food & Drink

Above you will find each companies' basic information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region in West Africa.


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