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Beekeeping NGOs & Charities in Gambia

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  Anglican Mission Development Ministries
Marina Parade, Banjul capital
...beekeeping, kindergarten schools, emergency preparedness and other poverty reduction measures and community outreach programmes....

  Association of Farmers Educators & Traders
Brikama Town, Kombo Central, West Coast Region end hunger and acute poverty in an environmentally responsible manner and encourage self-sufficiency in rural Gambian villages. Activity Areas: Agricultural Productivity. Beekeeping Projects. Communal...

  Gambia Rural Development Agency
Soma Village, Jarra West, Lower River Region
It is engaged in the fields of developing village agriculture, local business development, crafts, fair-trade bee keeping and environmental activities.

  Gunjur Environmental Protection
& Development Group

Bolonfenyo Community Wildlife Reserve has employed the following personnel. Structure: Executive Director  Beekeeping supervisor Biodiversity Protected Area Officer Cleaner Community Forest officer......

  National Beekeepers Association
...a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting beekeeping for the production of 100% pure Gambian honey as well as beeswax cream. The association for beekeepers works to increase the livelihoods of rural communities...


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Above you will find background information details on the list of various civil society organizations (CSOs), their contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the west coast region, Kombo District (Ksmd) & upper river areas of The Gambia, West Africa.


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