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Ground Tour Operators in Gambia

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African Adventure Tours
Handles tourists exploring the Gambia and Senegal. Among the company's other travel services are hotel reservations, round trips, air tickets & local logistics such as airport transfers.
Arch Tours
A new ground tour operator that offers varied types of eco-holiday trips, tours, safaris and excursions in Gambia, Senegal and West Africa. They have a fleet of 109 Land Rovers or mini buses in small groups 2- 8 persons.
Bushwhacker Tours
Organises various tourist excursions to places of interest such as Baboon Islands, Georgetown, as well as river fishing, Roots trip to Juffureh and Albreda, Snake Park, Sindola, or out country to the Fathala Safari Park in Senegal.
Discovery Tours
Offering tailor made tours, cruise ship handling & tour operator representation. Among its tourist trips are creek fishing, river cruises birdwatching, roots tours & wildlife spotting safaris.
This is a small sized operation offering various excursions to various tourists attractions such as Makasutu Culture Forest, Bijilo Forest Park, Tendaba Camp, Katchikally Crocodile Pool, Tanji Fishing Village, Gambia Reptiles Farm, Sanyang Village, Wassu Stone Circles as well as roundtrips for one or two days.
Gambia River Excursions >
GRE started operations in 1982 as a ground operator specialising in boat excursions along the river Gambia, but today it is involved in a wide range of tour activities such as creek fishing as well as running Lamin Lodge & Janjangbureh Camp.
Gambia Experience >
The tour company organises local excursions sometimes in partnership with local operators which include a visit to the capital, Banjul, 4 wheel drive safaris, camel riding, birdwatching, creek fishing & more.
Gambia Tours
Gambia Tours is a family operated company, which began in 1983 as a ground handling company. They have a fleet of 56 diverse vehicles to cater for our ever-expanding choice of excursions. These vehicles include buses, coaches, 4x4 jeeps and ex-army trucks.
Hidden Gambia
Adventure holidays off the beaten track to explore up the Gambia river by boat or road. Offers local private tours guides, birdwatching, wildlife safaris, fishing trips as well as arranging local accommodation in eco-lodges & camps on the coast or up-country.
Based at the Bamboo Hotel, Kololi, Palamind is a fully licensed tourist guide with excursions to Bijoli (Bijol) / Pelican Island, Roots trip to Kunta Kinte Island, Makasutu, Banjul City tours, safaris, real nature exploring and birdwatching as well as short hops to Senegal.
Scan Tours
Suppliers of transportation logistics with air-conditioning. They arrange tours of Georgetown, Abuko, Brikama and the river.
Smiling Coast Tours
The Smiling Coast Tours ‘adventure’ is a 10 day package which is chosen to allow you see the best the Gambia has to offer. Smiling Coast Tours wants to show you all the natural wonders and cultural highlights of the country through an action packed itinerary that is fun, safe, educational and packed with excitement.
Tilly Tours
A British owned business working with local people, businesses and charities to  promote sustainable, responsible tourism in The Gambia. Its services include full or half-day expeditions.
A Dutch company operating ground handling, ticketing, hotel reservations and tours within the 'Smiling Coast'. Operator of charter flights from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport & Brussels.
United Africans Group
The UAGG aims to cover every aspect of the Travel and tour business of The Gambia. They work in partnership with notable hotels, tour operators and stake holders in the industry.
West African Tours
Full service destination management company with 4-wheel drive Land Rovers,  trucks & for airport transfers from Banjul Airport it has air-conditioned coaches and minibuses.

Local Private Tour Guides & Safaris

Bax Experience
Two men named Bax and Ama offer half-day trips, lazy day on the river, Makasutu Forest, Banjul highlights, a full day safari or up the River Gambia to Kunta Kinteh Island, Tendaba Camp or Janjangbureh & even Senegal.
Essa Excursions
Essa Conteh is a taxi driver and local tour guide who can take tourists to nearby areas as far as Tanji and James Island.
Gambia Excursions
Locally escorted tours for birdwatching, cooking lessons, Monkey Park, river cruises, Tendaba Camp and other tourist trips.
Gambia River Cruise
(Available for private hire all the way up to Bintang, Georgetown and Basse). Experience a majestic cruise down the river on the Mam Boye C Pirogue. On the a lower deck there is a fully stocked bar and kitchen while the upper deck is for sunbathing and relaxing.
Jagary Jagaryjo
A local man with a 4 wheel driven UMM and a Peugeot 306 offering trips to Basse, Coconut Island and numerous other local safaris.
Lamin Kinteh
An official tourist guide with six years of experience taking tourists  Nyokolokoba, Fathalapark (Senegal), Abuko, Georgetown, and other attractions.
Moses Colley
Get off the beaten track and enjoy something a little different with a knowledgeable local tourist guide.
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