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Currency of Gambia

Currency Converter []
Carry out an online conversion of the Gambian Dalasi into over 85 currencies from the American Dollar  to the UK Pound Sterling (GBP). To get the best exchange rate, while on holiday in Gambia, try several booths  then compare prices.

A breakdown of the Dalasi, credit card usage, travellers checks, legal restrictions exchange environment and banking hours.
Currency Converter [Oanda]
The site gives you results for 164 countries changed from the Dalasi.
Images of The Dalasi
Pictures of the country's coinage and banknotes.
Pictures of Gambian Money
Many images of the country's banknotes and coinage.
World Paper Money
Graphical illustrations of the various banknotes issued by the Government from t1971 up to July 2006 when new ones were issued with updated security features such as a silver foil strip embedded in the centre.
Practical Travel Matters
Basic but important advice about handling your funds before and after your arrival. Room & meal costs can be found here.
Trip Advisor
Travel forum advice on how to get the best exchange rates in the Bakau, Kololi and Senegambia area.
Information about customs, money import and export as well as Banjul Airport tax regulations.
Travellers cheques do not get as good an exchange rate as UK pound sterling or the Euro.
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