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Culture of The Gambia

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Cooking   Culture & Traditions
The Education Through Culture and Communication Organisation (ECCO) is a Non-governmental organisation who's aims are focused on the promotion and preservation of local cultures.
Ethnic Groups
Outline of the various tribal groups ranging from the Fula and Jola to the Mandinka and Wollof tribes.
Ethnologue Gambia
Information about the various living languages of Gambia.
Janga Wolof
Learn some basic phrases in Wolof as well as what their English translation. There is also a pronounciation guide.
Gambian Culture Notes (pdf)
Plenty of information about local customs & other cross-cultural skills which are essential for anyone intending to live in Gambia. Also includes articles about various aspects of life ranging from giving alms to traditional marriages.
Gambian Culture
Information and links about The country's cultural heritage ranging from visual artists to Kora players.
Gambian Dance Video
Traditional culture dance.
An initiation rite practiced in Gambia the origin of of which is to be found in the Komo, a secret society of hunters whose organization & practices helped to create the Manding.
A community and news site that connects Mandinka speakers from around the world and has various international versions including English. It also features a page on teaching you to read & write in Mandinka.
Mini Dictionary
A list of terms, explained on a blog site, that are used locally along with their meanings such as Gele Gele, Silla Fando, Toma and Tiya Futto.
National Centre For Arts & Culture
The nations guardians of the country's national cultural heritage such as the National Museum at Banjul.
Roots Festival
The website of the International Roots Homecoming Festival which is held once every couple of years.
Wollof Home Page
Information, citations and relevant links about the most widely spoken language.
Further reading
A single page packed full of cultural information about Gambians & their cultural norms, marriage, customs, family life and more.

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