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Stala Adventures Lodge (Gambia, Kartong)

Contact Address & Bookings:
Stala Adventures Fish & Bird Resort
Allahein River
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 745 2553
                     769 1117


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Stala Adventures is an eco-lodge located on a bank of the Allahein River, near Kartong village, in the south west of The Gambia. The area is ideal for river tours, angling & bird watching.
Hotel Room Facilities & Services:
Gambian style huts with single beds for 2 or 4

Shower, wash-hand basin & flush toilet

Mosquito nets

Storage space

Private terrace facing riverside

Tiled floors

Mineral water - daily allowance
General Facilities & Services:
Bar & restaurant

Barbecue areas

Pirogue (local boat) rides with outboard motor

Fishing trips on the Halahein River & ocean

Bird watching trips

1 day tour to villages in Casamance, Senegal

River excursions by boat (pirogue)

Airport transfers
Stala Adventures is a sea / river angling and ornithologist camp that is made up of 5 huts. It offers a place that quite a few of their regular guest have referred to as a natural, tropical haven of tranquility allowing you plenty of space to refresh your mind, body and soul. As soon as you arrive your senses are struck by the vivid natural colours and unique scents exuded by the areas vegetation and bird life.

In the mornings as you open your accommodation room's door you are confronted by the river & boats near your doorstep. After breakfast you can spend the day enjoying a variety of refreshing drinks (at set times) or relaxing in the sun or around the restaurants many shaded areas.

Lunch, which is great and not expensive, is usually served around 2pm and consists of an eclectic menu serving pizzas, African cuisine, sandwiches, lobster, a light meal and of course fish and chips.

Within the vicinity of the camp you can experience some of the real Africa as you watch women gathering cockles on the water's edge, pirogues plying along the river and the large number of your avian friends feeding and gathering.

As evening approaches you will notice the transition between daylight and nighttime happens fast as the darkness falls like a blanket over the resort and you will begin to hear the crickets commence their chirping. On a clear evening you can observe hundreds of stars twinkling like mini light bulbs.

Lots of tours in boats or trips over land are available so whether you chose to relax or do some holiday activity there should never be a dull moment.

As an eco-friendly camp is has equipped the complex with solar panels and a waste-water-disposal system that is not discharged into the surrounding mangroves.
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