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Beekeeping NGOs & Charities in Gambia

Anglican Mission Development

Marina Parade, Banjul capital
...beekeeping, kindergarten schools, emergency preparedness and other poverty reduction measures and community outreach programmes....
Association of Farmers,
Educators & Traders

Brikama Town, Kombo Central, West Coast Region end hunger and acute poverty in an environmentally responsible manner and encourage self-sufficiency in rural Gambian villages. Activity Areas: Agricultural Productivity. Beekeeping Projects. Communal...
Gambia Rural Development

Soma Village, Jarra West, Lower River Region
It is engaged in the fields of developing village agriculture, local business development, crafts, fair-trade bee keeping and environmental activities.
Gunjur Environmental Protection
& Development Group

Bolonfenyo Community Wildlife Reserve has employed the following personnel. Structure: Executive Director  Beekeeping supervisor Biodiversity Protected Area Officer Cleaner Community Forest officer......
National Beekeepers Association
...a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting beekeeping for the production of 100% pure Gambian honey as well as beeswax cream. The association for beekeepers works to increase the livelihoods of rural communities...
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