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 NGOs - A to Z

Types of NGOs & Charities in Gambia

Area of Intervention     |   Other Types
Adult Literacy Life Skills
Agriculture  Livelihood Skills
Animals Microfinance
Disability Orphans
Drugs & Alcohol Poverty Relief
Education Refugees
Emergency Relief Rural Development
Environmental Sports
Family Planning Tourist Organisations
FGM Trade Associations
Food & Nutrition Village Savings
  Vocational Skills
Gender Equality Women:
  Family Planning

Good Governance Youth      Orphans
Human Rights  
  Emergency Relief

  Poverty Relief
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Other Types of NGO Organisations
Charity Associations
Christian Missions
International INGOs
Int’l Intergovernmental Orgs.
Islamic Missions
Trade Associations
UK NGOs & Charities
US NGOs & Charities
Netherlands NGOs & Charities

 NGOs - A to Z
 Organisations      Volunteer Work

Above you will find background information on a list of the various non-governmental organisations, charities & (CSOs) civil society organisations working  in Gambia, such as TANGOs, DONGOs, INGOs, IGOs, ENGOs, SCOs, GSOs, MANGOs & NGDOs. There is also the institutions' contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails & faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the west coast region of the Kombo Saint Mary District (Ksmd), the North Bank (NBR), South Bank, Central River (CRR) & Western Region & the up-river areas of The Gambia, West Africa.
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