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Atlantic Seafood Co Ltd
The fisheries firm, which uses its own HACCP compliant factory, does not operate its own trawlers but prefers to buy its supplies of ocean fresh pelagic fish from artisanal fishermen...
Banjul Breweries Ltd
Kanifing Industrial Estate
Their bottling factory, located near Westfield Junction at Kanifing, offers free toursócall to make arrangements. Banjul Breweries Ltd. also makes non-alcoholic beverages under the name Julpearl....
Comafrique Limited
Fajara, Kairaba Avenue, Banjul area
...export of agricultural products, particularly cashews...Their facilities also includes a factory & warehouse in Banjul at Bund Road...
Factory Street, Kanifing Industrial Estate
...import of wheelbarrow parts such as wheelbarrow tyres, ball bearings, handles & assembly for sale...
Gacem Cement Ltd
Kanifing Industrial Estate
...Portland cement...delivered by trucks in loose, bulk form & packed at its Kanifing factory into double paper bags....
Gam Juice
Brusubi, Banjul area
...drinks processing factory producing locally pressed tropical fruit juices from mango, orange, banana & Wonjo. These beverages are sold in the local market as well as shipped overseas for export.
1 Gacem Road
The company are producers of purified, bottled natural mineral water at their bottling factory in the Kanifing Industrial Estate....
Kombo Farms
Sankung Sillah Road, Kanifing
The Kombo Farms meat factory is a beef & dairy producer & meat processing factory which aims to produce premium quality milk produce & beef for local consumption...
Raam's Embroidery
Cape Point, Bakau, Banjul area
Factory supervisor: Mr. Baboucarr Ceesay
...produces high quality embroidery textiles using imported industrial ZSK machines from Germany....
RLG Gambia
62 Kairaba Avenue, Fajara M Section
RLG is a producer & retail distributer of mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, tabs & desktop computers.
Rosamond Trade Ltd
Oyster Creek, Denton Bridge
The Rosamond Trade Factory is a HACCP certified fish processing plant that sells exports of fresh & smoked fish...
Sankung Sillah & Sons
It was incorporated back in May 1982 & set up the SSS Factory in Kanifing manufacturing plastic products such as PVC plumbing,...bars of locally made soap...
Serrekunda Batik Factory
It is located at the late Musu Kebba Drammeh's compound, the famous, female tie-dye manufacturer....
West African Pearl Group
Banjul, Main Factory: Kanifing Industrial Estate
Local manufacturer of washing powder, candles, foam boxes & corrugated iron sheets.
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Above you will find producers' information, contact address, telephone number, some emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western region of The Gambia, West Africa.

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