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International Schools in Gambia

Banjul American Embassy School
Fajara M Section
The fee paying BAES was founded in 1984 by former staff of the diplomatic mission. Ages are between early childhood (preschool kindergarten), elementary & middle school.
Ecole Francaise de Banjul
Fajara M Section, Atlantic Road
An AEFE French language school for students between 2 to 16 years old. All the core subjects plus English are taught.
Marina International School
Started in the 1950s it has over 1,000 pupils starting from nursery (3 years) up to Form 7 level (16 years). It is owned by the P.T.A which elects the board of governors.
Rainbow Early
Development Centre

Fajara M Section
A daycare centre with nursery and primary levels. It is situated in a residential area with an easy access road.
Shiloh International School
[SBEC] Bijilo
SBEC was began in 2001 as a private English & French school. Teaching levels are daycare, foundation, junior and high school.
Zenith Preparatory School
Fajara M Section
One of the top international private schools in Gambia with over 400 children located in a quiet residential district. It covers nursery, primary up to six years old.

Above you will find each institutions' background information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, websites, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region of The Gambia, West Africa.

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