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Livelihood Skills Training NGOs & Charities

Association of Farmers,
Educators & Traders

Brikama, Kombo Central
AFET is a Banjul registered, national grassroots, rural development NGO whose activities includes livelihood skills training, agricultural productivity, beekeeping, loans.
Association for Intervention,
Cooperation & Development

AICOS is a civil society, non-governmental organisation in the Upper River Region of Gambia promoting job skills for self-sufficient lives & works on improving basic healthcare infrastructure for local communities.
Kairaba Avenue, Greater Banjul area, Western Region
A Catholic humanitarian development charity promoting computer education, livestock rearing skills, malaria prevention, secretarial courses, sewing & embroidery.
Concept Units Foundation
Serrekunda, Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd, Banjul area
The CUF is a non-governmental organisation charity promoting self-employment abilities, self-reliance, helping Gambian orphans, school scholarships & job finding.
Fresh Start Foundation
Brikama Misira, Western River Region
The charitable NGO runs the Skills Training Centre in Busumbala & does food distribution to the poor, health & water supplies, school building rehabilitation etc.
Future In Our Hands
Kotu South, Ksmd, Western Region, Kombo District
FIOH encourages entrepreneurship & livelihood skills training to raise the living standards of the poor & underprivileged, civic education, gender equality, healthcare.
Gambia Association of The
Physically Disabled

Marina Parade, Banjul capital
GAPD is an NGO that champions the rights of the physically challenged via training for girls & women in tailoring, equal opportunities, small loans & other programs.
Gambia Good Seed Mission
Kiang East, Massembeh Village, Lower River Region
GGSM aims are to encourage agricultural productivity, animal husbandry, skills training, distribute best crop seeds & provide education opportunities for children.
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd, Old Jeshwang
GHEA is a non-profit organisation that runs a school teaching cookery, hotel management, tailoring, nutrition, numeracy,  tie & dye, household management classes.
Gambia Organisation For
The Visually Impaired

Kanifing South, MDI Road, Greater Banjul area
GOVI is a blind persons NGO that does fundraising, occupational skills training, community  rehabilitation for members, advocates for children's rights, relief aid.
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 Types of NGOs    Education NGOs
 NGOs - A to Z

Above you will find background information details on the list of various civil society organizations (CSOs), their intervention areas, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the west coast region, Kombo District & up river areas of The Gambia, West Africa.

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