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Village Savings & Loans Programmes in Gambia, P.3

Wallalan Visaca
Upper Badibu District, North Bank Region
A Village Savings & Credit Association
Chamoi Bunda
Fulladu East District, Upper River Region
A Village Savings & Loans Association in Gambia.
Jailand Visaca
Nianija District, Central River Region North
A small loans advancing scheme open to depositors who are also the owners of the association.
Bantanto Visaca
McCarthy Island, Niamina East District
A rural money lending and savings agency.
Kerewan Visaca
North Bank Road, Lower Baddibu finance their projects with the hope of generating income for themselves and their families.
Faraba Banta Visaca
Kombo East District, West Coast Region of the 70 odd local financing initiatives in the country that links monetary deposits and the ability to take out microcredit on a favourable repayment rate...
Ahlulai Visaca
Fulladu East District, Central River Region (CRR)
Bureng Visaca
Jarra East, Lower River Region
A Village Savings & Loans Association
Darsilameh Visaca
Lower Fulladu West, Central River Region (CRR)
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