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Village Savings & Loans Programmes in Gambia, P.4

Tambana Visaca
Jokadu, North Bank Region
A village microfinance lending and cash deposit organisation.
N'yofelleh Visaca
Kombo South, Western Region
A Village Savings & Credit Association
Berending Visaca
Kombo South District, Western River Region (WRR)
Kunting Visaca
A Village Savings & Credit Association in Gambia
Jappineh Visaca
Jarra Central
A pro-poor micro-finance scheme...
Sami Tabanani Visaca
A Village Savings & Credit Association designed to increase commercial activity and incomes at the village community level.
Albreda Visaca
Upper Niumi District, North Bank Region (NBR)
Kata Omar Visaca
A Village Savings & Loans Association in Gambia
A petty loans coupled with a savings scheme made available for the rural community encourage the development of the micro-economy.
Sutukonding Visaca
A self-sustaining micro-finance founded by the local people who also make cash deposits into their personal accounts.
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