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Animal Care Association of The Gambia

Contact Address:

Animal Care Association

Banjul area head office
Kanifing Municipality, Kmc
Western Region
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 7992006 


(Contact them online to make a donation for dogs & cats)

The Animal Care Association of The Gambia (ACA) is a Banjul registered animal charity working in Gambia to help mostly stray dogs and cats. It was started in 2009 by a group of people who were concerned about the plight of feral cats and dogs, many of which could be found roaming the streets and beaches.

These animals often have to find their own food with little shelter and are usually in a poor physical state and in need of urgent medical attention from a local vet.

ACA is a membership based organisation with members in the UK, Europe and The Gambia.

Charity Goals:
Give support to people fostering abandoned animals
Re-home abandoned animals
Enhance their living conditions
Promote the education of the general public on animal welfare
Make money available for neutering animals to reduce reproduction

If you wish to make a charity donation from overseas then you can contact them online and the ACA will make arrangements for funds to be sent to them. All the money you send is spent on the care, welfare and fostering of stray dogs and cats.

A donation will help the Animal Care Association of Gambia vaccinate, neuter and provide medical veterinary treatment for animals on a continuous basis and to maintain their 'Animal Foster' area as a short term solution.

There are occasions when they identify an animal in need of treatment, before it has significant problems and it is taken to a vet. At the clinic it will have a comprehensive health check-up, be vaccinated and get all necessary treatments. If the creature is not already neutered, this will be carried out and marked on their skin for future identification. From here it is released back to the environment where the animal was found.
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