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Fresh Start Foundation

Contact Address:
Fresh Start Foundation  
UK Headquarters
Suite 147
79 Friar Street
Worcester, WR1 2NT
England, UK

Tel no:

Email: info@fsfgambia

The Fresh Start Foundation (FSF) was started in The Gambia in 2006 as a registered charity and NGO which works at alleviating poverty. It works on a number of projects which range from education for orphans and the needy, health, rehabilitation of facilities, farming assistance, digging wells and other community assistance projects. The beneficiaries of its charitable works are poor children, teens and the general rural communities in The Gambia.

Activities & Intervention Areas:
Distribution of food.

Education scholarships.

Eye clinic to treat cataracts, conjunctivitis & other conditions & infections.

Giving support to community schemes e.g. water boreholes drilling.

Health care supplies & facilities i.e. medicines, equipment, repairs.

Providing rural schools with books, equipment, electricity etc.


School buildings rehabilitation and renovations.

Skills Training Centre - Busumbala, employment & self-reliance.

Supply of clean, potable drinking water.

From the Greater Banjul area head east past Lamin Village.
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