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Nova Scotia-Gambia Association (NSGA)

Contact Address:
Nova Scotia-Gambia
GTUCCU Building
Teachers' House, Kanifing S.
Banjul area Head Office
PO Box 706 Serrekunda
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4399336 
Fax:              4399336


The (NSGA) Nova Scotia-Gambia Association is an international Canadian charity and a Banjul registered NGO development organisation that has been actively operating in The Gambia since 1985. Since its inception it has been working in various social advancement programmes in education and health targeted, at local communities and schools.

Its fundraising income is derived from   international and local institutional sponsors and private individuals. The NSGA headquarters is in Halifax, Canada, and is registered under the charity number 137152385.

For over a quarter of a century the NSGA has engaged with local communities at the grassroots level on healthcare awareness and educational improvement initiatives covering the North and South Bank as well as the Western, Central and Upper river regions of The Gambia. Its volunteers work with the local community to enhance life health skills, encourage leadership traits in teenagers, create better health delivery and promote the idea of their rights and civil duties under nationhood.

The NSGA delivers its community empowerment and awareness programmes through taking a holistic approach employing the idea of information dissemination via active engagement of the beneficiaries. It channels its schemes through local community radio, the GRTS TV, DVDs, the arts of theatre and acting and via peer education methods in learning institutions.

Over the last 20 odd years, NSGA has provided education and training workshops and seminars in communities and schools on malaria prevention, sanitation and clean water, good governance, reproductive and sexual health, gender equality issues, environmental awareness, HIV/Aids, sexually transmitted diseases among other civil society projects.

Over the years the NSGA has created avenues for local villagers, urban professionals, school pupils and young people to participate in projects overseas and in their own countries. More than 800 volunteer and employment placements have bee filled since it began its activities.

Interventions & Programmes:
College funding opportunities for higher education.
Under the Heller-Skinn Scholarship Fund, which was established in 2011, youths are sponsored financially to study at the University of The Gambia.

Country wide peer health education in communities & over160 schools.

Environmental sustainability

General health promotion.

Highlighting the achievements of Afro-Canadian development efforts & tackling common misconceptions about Africa.

HIV/Aids awareness, prevention
The NSGA works with local groups under the Global Fund HIV project. It uses peer health education and videos to disseminate HIV/Aids awareness to kids, teenagers and the adult population. This campaign involves teaching people how STDs are spread, and how to protect themselves from infection. It also offers voluntary blood testing and advice.

Internships in Gambia
Over the last 25 years the NSGA have made available volunteer openings and international internships for Canadian citizens who wish to work in the development field in West Africa.

There are 3 kinds of internships available. The Self Sponsored Intern / Volunteer Opportunity which lasts for up to 6 weeks and is available for professionals and university students. The second is the GHO Summer Internship in conjunction with the Global Health Office of Dalhousie University which is a 4 week summer placement for its students studying health promotion, nursing or medicine. The last type, which lasts from half a year to 9 months, is the International Youth Internship Program which is available to Canadian graduates between 19 and 30 years old. Note that this placement is sometimes put on hold due to certain factors.

Life skills training in schools.

Malaria control & prevention.
The NSGA anti-malaria program aims at promoting awareness of how to most effectively treatment cases of malaria and prevention. It promotes, through radio and TV, the adoption of mosquito nets that have been soaked in insecticide. It also works with partner groups in Gambia under the Global Fund Malaria Project.

Reproductive rights, maternal & sexual health development aimed at youth.

School Twinning Programme
This is between schools in the Nova Scotia province and high and junior schools in The Gambia. The project is intended to increase the awareness children and promote the active participation of pupils in humanitarian efforts and international development. It is also intended to inculcate the idea of community service among students and encourage them to take part in local and overseas development work. Finally, it is intended to enhance cultural appreciation and understanding between the two countries.

Water & sanitation
The charity promotes 4 program areas which are the (i) use of hygienic water practices, (ii) water conservation methods, (iii) water borne diseases and good sanitation. Their water education courses are held in around 25 rural schools and village communities using local movie theatres and the Peer Health Education program.

Youth gender equality and leadership training.

Below are just some of the grassroots and national organisations that NSGA has worked with over the years for the effective delivery of its social development programmes.

ActionAid International
Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education
National AIDS Secretariat
National Malaria Control Program
United Nations

Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC)
Commonwealth of Learning - Vancouver
Dalhousie University - Nova Scotia

Organisational Structure:
Board of Directors
Board Members
Office Staff
Senior Staff
Local Management Committee

If you want to make a donation to the Nova Scotia - Gambia Association there are several methods to chose from:-
1) Direct Mail
2) Donate Online
3) Gifts of Listed Securities / Investments
4) Special Occasion & In Memoriam Donations
5) United Way of Canada Centraide

Nova Scotia-Gambia Association
NSGA  Headquarters,
PO Box 6,
17-1574 Argyle Street,
Suite 17,
Halifax, NS B3J 2B3

Tel no: +1 (902) 423-1360

Fax:     +1 (902) 429-9004

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