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Sanna's Foundation for the Needy

Contact Address:
Sanna's Foundation for the Needy
Greater Banjul area
P.O.Box 2038, Serrekunda
Kanifing Municipality
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 753 1313
                     771 0822
                     341 6290
                     312 7672
                     750 7237
Fax:             439 0623


Sanna's Foundation for the Needy (SFN) is a registered non-profit foundation that was founded to serve and aid disaster struck and socially disadvantaged individuals and families in deprived communities of The Gambia. It also aims to create more awareness on child rights and to advocate for their right to an education.

The SFN foundation was formally established as a community based charity in 2010. Since its founding, SFN has responded to a number of disasters and aided victims in such communities. Their central focus was to provide food aid to deprived individuals within affected communities which is known as thee 'Feed the Child Project'. Over time, the foundation's area of activity grew ecompass various sustainable human development projects and initiatives within The Gambia such as 'Shelter For a Child', 'Water for the Kids', 'Educate a Child', 'Gift for Health', and 'Shelter for a Child'.

Presently, the foundation is helping dozens of families in the Gambia. Its operations are largely funded by local donations from private individuals, business sponsors, and various other grants. The devoted volunteers of the foundation are the energy behind the philanthropic work that the foundation provides, who bring their individual experience to the benefit of the affected families. It also recieves discounted prices for relief equipment, logistics, and other aid supplies benefiting from worldwide sourcing.

Sanna's Foundation has been operating in The Gambia for many years, and the flagship project is the 'Educate a Child'. SFN has been supporting and sending many children to school, who may otherwise have been out in the streets engaged in many illegal or unlawful activities. The charity believes that everyone has the right to an education no matter what their background.

 To serve disaster struck and socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the less fortunate communities in the Gambia.

 To educate communities on child slavery, family planing, illicit drugs, child prostitution and labour.

 To advocate for increased awareness on child's rights, freedom to express their feelings and ideas, social rights and promote equality.

 To increase the number of school going children and carry out Governments efforts towards promoting adult literacy.
Charity Registration No: 2015/C2523
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