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Luigi's Restaurant (Kololi)

Contact Address:
Luigi's Restaurant
PO Box 1366 Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4460280
Fax:              4460282


Contact Person: Julie Mayo

"People who know me well would assure you that I once had an ardent, almost psychotic, dislike of food which ended in "a" or "i". I often remarked that any country whose culinary product relies on a surfeit of tomatoes and an overdose of garlic and oregano has to be suspect.

Now I am converted. So let me extol the virtues of Luigi's, at Kololi Beach, (pass Palma Rima Hotel, towards the beach).

This is a real family restaurant which is part of the
Luigi's Holiday Apartments of Gambia. I appreciate that kids of all ages, (like up to a hundred years old) know and enjoy risotto, spaghetti, tagliatelle, pizza and pasta etc, but I offer my impressions of this colourful and attractive menu for your consideration.

• Good Food
The Garlic Bread, with or without cheese, is crispy and not too overloaded with the pungent root.

Luigi’s "Special" Pizza with spicy beef and prawns was a real delight. Luigi is rightly famous for his Pizzas, anybody in this country who knows about Pizza will tell you about Luigi’s Pizzas.

The Seafood and Mushroom baked in Cheese sauce is a smooth and interesting invention, vegetarians may like the Mozzarella Cheese fried in batter with Aubergines in a Neapolitan sauce.

• Style
From the pasta menu try Matrican, bacon and onion with a spicy sauce served with tagliatelle. Or try Risotto Pesce, rice and fish with tomato, simple, but effective.

The finest taste in the place, to my mind, is the "House Special", Chicken cooked in a spicy coating. Mindful of my waistline I often remove batter and breadcrumbs from such dishes. Joy of joys, the flavour was actually infused in to the flesh of the chicken. Col. Saunders can retire!

• Decor
The plain clean lines of classic Roman villa architecture resemble a movie set from "Ben Hur". Sensuous balustrades, bronzed caryatids, a Tuscan fountain, and marble tiles. Plenty of space and marble topped bistro tables which can be moved around to accommodate large parties. Or take the stairs to the roof top balcony with a sea view.

The waiters (obviously) are dressed in the red, white and green of the Italian flag.

The wines are fine. The house red is a Merlot, well kept and well presented.

• Praise
At Luigi’s Italian food reaches a peak which many trattoria would break their hearts to achieve. So do get down this sepulchre of ambrosia and enjoy........or use the Take-Away service which includes all the Pizzas and most of the rest of the menu.

And do not forget the milk shakes and there are some of the most glorious ice-creams in The Gambia."

Food writer: Harmattan

Take a taxi to the Palma Rima Junction and turn on the road that leads towards the beach and you will find the diner around 80 metres on your left side.

Menu Overview:
Strictly Italian food.
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