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Malak Chemist Co. Ltd. (Banjul Branch)

Contact Address:
Malak Chemist Gambia
Company Limited

Banjul Head Office &
Wholesale Branch
Banjul Capital
80 OAU Boulevard
The Gambia, West Africa

Phone no: +220 4202349
Fax no:              4225743


This outlet of Malak Chemist in Banjul is its flagship store in The Gambia which is a storey building. On the ground floor is the retail drug store where they dispense OTC medications and prescription drugs to customers. On the second floor are the stock room for wholesale distribution to other pharmacies and hospitals in the Kombo St. Mary District and the West African sub-region.

Aside from medicines and health supplements such as natural remedies they also distribute health supplies and equipment in Gambia such as crutches, first aid kits, bandages as well as toiletries, infusion fluids such as saline drips, pregnancy tests, skin disinfectants, toddlers' toys, baby food, prams, carry out hygienic ear piercings, sell women's fragrances and related products.

Special Orders:
They offer a service whereby they can procure pharmaceutical imports of bio-medical products from overseas of sources hard to find or urgent items not generally available. These can then be brought in by express courier service into Banjul International Airport.

Malak Chemist
Kairaba Avenue

Facing the July 22nd Square and Rene Blain Street.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat 8am to 8pm

Health Services      Pharmacies
Pharmaceuticals Importers

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