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Sizzlers Bar & Restaurant (Kololi)

Contact Address:
Sizzlers Restaurant
Banjul area
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: 4463178
            9908113 (reservations)

"The chef is a very creative Gambian called Mo, who started his career at The Gambian Hotel Training School. He then worked the Lagos Hilton, a five star hotel in Zurich, The Royal Cambridge in U.K., and ultimately became personal chef to the managing director of one of the largest construction companies in West Africa.

Now he has taken a once scruffy and innocuous cocktail bar and made it into a neat and tidy, attractive eating place, a haven for aficionados of sauces and marinades, with over fifty main courses to select from.

I like the Melon Cocktail to start, it is fresh and cold. Patricia appreciates the generosity of the Prawn Cocktail. Standard stuff, I agree.

But to follow? My favourite is Steak in Walnut and Cashew sauce with boiled parsley potatoes.

Now isn’t that different?

• Pot Luck
Let me tell you what happened on one particular evening at Sizzlers.

Patricia had ordered Pork Chops in Sweet and Sour sauce. A few moments later a message came from the kitchen.

"Chef has inspected the pork and, in his opinion, it is too fatty and he refuses to serve it. Would you please select another dish?"

I know some places where the pork would have been dished up regardless, nothing said and hope for the best….

"Cordon Bleu" style cooking requires a certain artistic temperament which includes an abundance of panache and just a little arrogance. I would allow Mo to choose my meal for me any time, without hesitation.

Every dish is prepared to your taste, there is no "Cook-and-hold" here. And I hope you know what to do if you have to wait a while for your food!

• You talk!
You remember talk? It is what people used to do with each other before TV was invented and when a place is too crowded to make love!

• Secrets
Sizzlers serves fine examples of Gambian dishes if you want a taste, and salads for the health and weight conscious.

Open from breakfast time, through lunch and afternoon tea, and till late in the evening.

Tables and chairs inside or out. The gardens are planned (rather than merely planted), to develop with the seasons, and salads and vegetables are home grown.

For desert I suggest Yogurt with Gambian Honey. Some travellers might have sampled a similar dish in Greece, but this is Gambian Honey, the country’s best kept secret.

I let you in to another secret, about your waiter Ebrima . His hand tends to slip on the whisky bottle, (to your advantage), when he creates Gaelic Coffee.

Eating out can be such fun!"

By Food Writer: Harmattan

Menu Overview:
Steak in Mango sauce: Barracuda in Mustard and Paprika: Chicken in Brandy and Red Wine sauce: Butterfish in Orange and Grapefruit sauce.

Sizzlers is off the Senegambia Strip area on the road to Kololi Beach Club. One has to pass several glittering "high-class-and–pricey" joints to get there. Do not be distracted. The extra thirty yards are well worth the effort.
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