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Walo Development Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Contact Address:

Walo Enterprise Gambia Ltd.
(borehole specialists)

Banjul area
Red Cross House, 2nd floor
Mamadi Manjang Highway
P.O. Box 680 Serekunda
The Gambia, West Africa

Phone no: +220  437 7194 
Mobile                 777 2478 
Fax no:               437 7195 

Walo Company Limited's main business operation is borehole drilling to supply water to poor rural villages in order to increase incomes for families.

The equipment they use is a PAT drill 301 which is a portable hydraulic drilling rig for both DTH-Hammer and rotary drilling which can dig down to a depth 140 metres.

Walo has a combined, sustainable approach to poverty reduction which includes eco-tourism and agriculture in order to reduce dependency on just a single source of income.
The company also provides to NGO's and charities a wide selection of cost effective services in their objectives of helping poor communities.

Their packaging plant at Banjul Airport preserves farm produce which is due to be taken by flight to the international markets.

Other Activities:
Honey Production

Cattle and sheep husbandry


Opening Hours:
Mon - Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm

Employees: 12

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 Building Services     Borehole Drillers

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