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Bama Kuno Forest Park (Gambia)

The Bama Kuno (also spelt Bamakuno) is located 25km to the south east of Brikama town in the Western Region (Kombo East District) of The Gambia.

It is a densely wooded area and lies next to Kahlenge Forest and is just over 930 hectares. It was designated a park on January 1st 1954.

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Avi Fauna:
Among the bird species to be found are the African Green Pigeon, Yellow-bellied Hyliotas, Brown-backed Woodpecker, blood chest beard bird, dwarf weber, Siffling Cisticolas, brown back woodpecker, Bearded Barbet, Bronze-tailed Glossy Starlings, Black-crowned Tchagra, African Golden Oriole, Black-winged Red Bishop and Red-winged Warblers.

[Geographical coordinates: 13 11' 48 N, 16 25' 2 W.]
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