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Country Profile of Gambia

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The World Factbook
The above profiles the basic facts & figures about The Gambia including general background information, geographic details, population & ethnic composition,  and the socio-economic, trade & political situation. NationMaster
Background Notes: Gambia
[US State Department]
Brief country profile followed by historical, economic, defence, political & background information.
Basic Indicators [UNICEF]
Detailed social & health indicators & statistics which include population structure, infant mortality rate, birth rate, life expectancy. The website also includes data on nutritional, health, HIV data, education, women & child protection.
Country Profile - The Gambia
[BBC] The web page gives a timeline, chronology of key events, basic country facts, leader overview & the make-up of the news & media sectors.
FAO Economic Data
Very detailed country profiles & official reports covering Gambia's agricultural, forestry & fishing sectors including country mapping information showing relief maps of agricultural, land use & forestry data comparisons from year to year.
Basic country profiles with brief history, map & flag.
Investment Incentive - Gambia
Outline of the various commercial sectors including horticulture, agro processing industries, fisheries, livestock, manufacturing, tourism & the service industries.
GIEPA [Government agency]
See their country overview section for macro-economic performance reasonably up to date information about The Gambia's growth rate. Including the real, fiscal & monetary sectors as well as GDP growth rates & inflation.
Population Statistics
Detailed population statistics from the Central Statistics Department of The Gambia.
Rural Poverty in The Gambia
An outline of the poverty situation in the country and the governments rural poverty approaches, policies & strategies.
Statoids [Divisions of Gambia]
Population figures for the various administrative divisions & sub-divisions, area sizes in square kilometres, their capitals & historical timeline of name changes.
Aid assistance between the IMF & Gambia including IMF surveys covering statistical information including balance of payments, monetary & economic performance indicators.
The Gambia, Open For Business
Winnie provides detailed business and economic outline of the various parts of the national economy for potential investors.
World Bank [Gambia Page]
The site provides detailed economic and world developmental indicators data including life expectancy, gender and education statistics, ICT infiltration and household surveys reports.
World Food Programme
An country brief of The Gambia's food security situation in relation to World hunger. 
World Health Organization
Detailed information about the health of the Gambian population including selected indicators, disease outbreaks, health expenditures national health accounts and more.
Atlas of Gambia - A Profile
Information and images on Gambia's location, total geographical area, population totals, administrative divisions, general climate & terrain.
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