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Eco-Friendly Accommodation in Gambia (19)

Bendula Bed & Breakfast
Location:  Batokunku, near Tujering. 15 mins. to the beach
Rooms: 5 huts Bar & Restaurant ✔
This is a rustic eco-lodge 15 minutes walking distance to the beach. It has shared shower facilities & toilet; electrical power is from a windmill.
Boboi Beach Lodge
Location:  Kartong seafront
Rooms: 15 Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Campsite ✔
Review: A basic, tidy lodge on a near deserted beach, far away from the regular tourist trails. Shared bathing facilities and WC; they only use organic vegetables and fruits, and locally caught fish.
Chimp Rehab Camp (Badi Mayo)
Location:  near Georgetown, Baboon Island, 270km upriver
Rooms: 4 safari tents  Bar & Restaurant ✔
'Badi Mayo' camp has 4 safari tents with 2 single beds each, on raised platforms. Private outside shower area and shared composting toilets. The place is closed to tourists 3 days a week.
Farakunku Lodge
Location:  In Tujereng, south west coast, 2km to beach
Rooms: 4 modern huts Plunge Pool ✔
En-suite Bar & Restaurant ✔
Review: The lodge is off-the-beaten-track and 2km to the beach. It has 4 en-suite room huts with double bed and ceiling fan. The accommodation uses solar power and has bicycles for hire.
Footsteps Eco-Lodge
Location:  In Gunjur, south west coast, 39km from Banjul capital
Rooms: 9 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Campsite ✔
Review: Footsteps is an escape in the countryside in a large tropical garden setting and is 10 minutes drive to the beach. 9 modern Africanized huts with private shower, toilet and double or twin beds. It recycles all its water, uses natural water for the swimming pool, uses windpower and solar, employs permaculture landscaping and grey water filtration. *Airport trasnfers is provided. Backpackers are welcome.
Halahin Lodge
Location:  On Kartong beach, 60km from Banjul capital
Rooms: - Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite Campsite ✔
Halahin has simple African style round huts with private shower, toilet, 1 double bed and sitting area. It's located on a near deserted section of beach. It uses wind and solar for lighting and has a camping area under the rhun palm trees.
Hibiscus House
Location:  In Brufut village, 15 minutes drive to beach
Rooms: 7 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suiteFan Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi Zone  
Review: This is a really stylish boutique hotel with 7 distinctly designed bedrooms, each with en-suite shower / WC, double bed and lounge area. All food waste from the accommodation is composted. The hotel was built using the local workforce and materials. It also uses solar powered water heaters, energy efficient light bulbs and all water is drawn from a well within the complex grounds. They offer a free airport transfers service from Banjul International Airport.
Jinack Lodge
Location:  On Jinack Island beach, north west bank of river
Rooms: 4 huts Bar & Restaurant ✔
Each seafront hut has a private shower and flushing toilet. The lodge uses solar electricity for the basics such as lights. Fruits and vegetables consumed here are grown organically by local villagers.
Kuba Holiday Lodge
Location:  In Gunjur village, near the beach
Rooms: 4  
En-suite Bar & Restaurant ✔
Kuba has 4 African styled round huts with private shower, hand basin and composting toilet, and uses solar energy for electricity.
Leo's Beach Hotel
Location:  On Brufut Heights beach
Rooms: 6 apts. Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite*A/C Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi Zone  
Review: A stylishly designed boutique hotel with Atlantic Ocean sea views, a swimming pool, 5 double bedrooms and 1 suite with 2 bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. Leo's uses solar panels for electricity and hot water, and has extensively fitted energy saving fittings and appliances. They provide airport transfers which is payable locally.
Mandina Lodges 5 star
Location:  Mandina River, Makasutu Culture Forest, 15 minites drive from Banjul Airport.
Rooms: 8 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suiteFan Bar & Restaurant ✔
Review: Live a life of indulgence in a forest next to a mangrove lined tributary. Mandina is an award winning, 5 star eco-lodge set in amongst the hardwood-forest and mangrove creeks. The 1,000 acres of pristine forest is owned and protected by the owners of the lodge and its 8 en-suite rooms use composting toilets and solar for hot water.
Nemasu Eco-Lodge
Location:  Between Gunjur & Kartong beachfront
Rooms: 8 huts/palapas Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite Self-catering ✔
Review: Nemasu is made up of 8 unique, stylish oceanfront huts on the sand, (some with own bathing facility and toilet) built with mostly local, natural materials. 1 to 4 beds per room, mosquito nets over beds. There is also has a large beach bar and diner.
Safari Garden Hotel
Location:  In Fajara, residential, 10 minutes drive to the beach
Rooms: 18 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suiteA/C Bar & Restaurant ✔
A small hotel with 18 bedrooms with twin beds, private bathroom, toilet, private porch. They use solar for hot water, source as much of their produce from local sources, compost all organic waste, use natural mosquito repellents and don't use pesticides or fertilisers in their garden.
Sandele Eco-Retreat 4 star
Location:  100 metres to Kartong beach, 60km from Banjul
Rooms: 14 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suiteFan Bar & Restaurant ✔
Sandele is a 4 star deluxe beach lodge in south west Gambia, far from the tourist hotspots. Bedrooms and suites have their own shower, a composting toilet and private patio. The lodge uses solar for hot water and electricity. Sandele was built using ecological construction methods and is operated as a model of sustainability and responsible tourism. Airport pick-up and drop-off at extra charge.
Sitanunku Lodge
Location:  North bank of Gambia River, Dog Island,
Rooms: 5 Dip Pool ✔
En-suiteFan Bar & Restaurant ✔
Review: This is a deluxe accommodation with 5 bedrooms, all with very nice private shower, wash-hand basin, WC and ceiling fan. Electricity is from PV panels and there is no air-conditioning, but hot nights should not be too much of a problem during the winter season, next to the waterside.
Stala Adventures
Location:  In Kartong, Allahein River bank, SW Gambia
Rooms: - Barbecue areas
En-suite Bar & Restaurant ✔
A group of Gambian style huts with single beds for 2 or 4, with private shower, basin and WC. The riverside camp is equipped with solar panels and a waste-water-disposal system that is not released into the nearby mangroves. *They provide airport transfers.
The Equator Lodge (Tamba Kuruba)
Location:  On Kartong beachfront
Rooms: 6 Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔ 2 bedrooms Campsite ✔
Stay a few nights or more on a virtually empty, sandy shoreline in south west Gambia. 4 huts with double or single beds sleeping 2 each, shared bathing and toilet facilities. A room in the round house containing two bedrooms for two persons each with private bathroom. Aka 'Tamba Kuruba', the place is open all year round. There is a designated camping area within the lodge grounds.
The Gunjur Project Lodge
Location:  In Gunjur, within a short walking distance to beach
Rooms: 8 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Campsite ✔
8 rooms with 2 beds each, private shower, wash-hand basin and flushing toilet; all in a large tropical garden with drinks bar. This is a wheelchair accessible accommodation that uses a combination of solar power, batteries and a backup generator.
Tumani Tenda Eco-Tourism Camp
Location:  3 km from Kafuta river
Rooms: - Bar & Restaurant ✔
Situated 2.5 km from the main road, the camp is comprised of a group of round huts, each with electrical lights, shower and flush toilet behind huts in separate building. There are lots of activities and workshops such as tree planting, cow cart safaris and cooking.

Money made from the camp is used to help the local villagers, child education and community development programs.

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