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Agricultural NGOs & Charities in Gambia

Africa Organics
Pipeline Road, Kanifing Municipality, Banjul area
The Home Farm Project is an agricultural charity which was created with the aim of helping rural villages to produce sustainable, organic Permaculture crops, help Gambian agrarian communities & encourage employment.
Agency For Village Support
Kaur Wharf Town, Janjanbureh, Central River Region
AVISU provides labour saving equipment, micro-finance, training of farmers on rice cultivation, food preservation & establishing community lots with wells.
Association of Farmers
Educators & Traders

AFET is a national rural development NGO which was founded as a grassroots organisation working with rural communities in the Western Region, North Bank Region, Central River Region, Lower & Upper River Region.
Catholic Relief Services
40 Atlantic Road, Fajara M Section
CRS's agricultural development scheme aims to shift farmers away from subsistence level and into selling cash crops. It was the charity that introduced sesame growing into the Gambian agricultural sector in 1980.
Food & Agricultural Organization
Cape Point, Bakau, Banjul area
The FAO The FAO aims to diversity crop production, improve horticultural systems, marketing & storage & rural finance systems such as providing microfinance.
Freedom From Hunger Campaign
Cape Point, Bakau, Kofi Anan Street, UN House
FFHC was set up by the FAO & is focused on agricultural & community forestry development such as building bridges, ditches, water crossing points, grain stores, swamp rice etc.
Gambia Good Seed Mission
Kiang East, Massembeh Village
The NGO charity organisation works to increase agricultural food production, provide skills training, animal husbandry & distributes quality seeds to horticulturalists.
Mennonite Educational &
Horticultural Development Associates

MEHDA, in Pirang, runs a farm training facility to encourage long-term food self-sufficiency. It also sells seeds at cost price, develops cuttings & cultivates fruit trees.
Methodist Mission
Agricultural Programme

Brikama, Nyambai
MMAP activities includes the use of effective crop irrigation methods, boreholes, water pumps, tree planting, food preservation, cultivating seedlings, offering courses for farmers & promoting community woodlots.
Njawara Agricultural Training

Lower Baddibu District, North Bank Region
NATC works with farmers to improve soil & crop productivity & efficiency by introducing new methods, ecological agriculture & employing best practice.
Youth Action for Food
Self-Sufficiency & Education

Churchill's Town, Kombo Sillah Drive, Serrekunda
YAFSSE focuses on horticulture & schooling promotion.
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