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Rural Development Agencies in Gambia

Adventist Development
& Relief Agency

Greater Banjul area, Kanifing Municipality
ADRA is an international humanitarian relief organisation & charity alleviating rural poverty in Gambia through helping in education, primary health, food security & disaster preparedness.
Africa Muslims Agency
Kanifing South, Banjul area, Western Region
AMA is a humanitarian charity which is active in providing essential food & potable water for the poor, health & education aid, funding village community projects.
Agency For The Development
of Women & Children

ADWAC is a Banjul registered rural development NGO agency working with Gambian women & children in poverty in agricultural communities by aiding schools, healthcare, skills training, adult education, food security etc.
Agency For Village Support
Janjanbureh, Kaur Wharf Town, Central River Region
AVISU is an organization whose areas of intervention are in child support, farming assistance, enterprise development & literacy programmes in the countryside.
Campaign For Development
& Solidarity

50 Garba Jahumpa Road, Bakau, Western Region
FORUT, from Norway, aims to elevate standard of living women & youth through health education, relief work, adult vocational training, anti-substance abuse schemes.
Kairaba Avenue, Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
CADO (Catholic Development Office) works with the rural population on agricultural productivity, community gardens, animal husbandry, malaria & HIV & skills training.
Child Youth Support &
Rural Development Agency

Bundung, Serrekunda & Basse Santa Su
CYSARDA is an NGO working with women & youth in the Upper River Region on savings & loans, nursery sponsorship, family planning, farm yields, soil erosion.
United Purpose (UP)
Fajara M Section
Since 1992 UP has worked with other NGOs & charities to raise the standards of the deprived in rural & urban areas; aiming to raise rural incomes, tackle AIDS, raise disaster preparedness.
Fresh Start Foundation
The Brikama Misira based FSF works in providing education scholarships, food distribution, sanitation & water, skills training, school renovations & supplies, medical equipment, eye clinic support etc.
Friends of The Gambia

Banjul area, Kotu Layout, Hermann Gmeiner Highway
FoTGA focuses on alleviating poverty, farm projects, animal rearing, food distribution, healthcare facilities, school buildings & education sponsorship.
Future In Our Hands
FIOH, in Kotu South, aims its attention on rural communities. Its intervention areas are agriculture & food security, entrepreneurship, gender, environment, health, youth & female capacity building.
Gambia Rural Development

Lower River Region, Soma Town
GARDA is engaged in developing village agriculture, fair-trade bee keeping, local enterprise development, crafts and environmental awareness activities.
Green Trust
Bundung, Kombo St. Mary District, Banjul area
This is a rural community based NGO aiding the people of Soma & the Lower River Region in forest management, tree planting & environmental preservation.
Gunjur Environmental Protection
& Development Group

GEPADG is a grass roots organisation tackling coastal degradation, deforestation, tree-planting exercises, crop garden farming, microfinancing & eco-tourism.
Human Development Society
6 Kombo Sillah Drive, Serrekunda, Banjul area
HDS works with Gambian communities in the Western & Lower River Regions on raising agricultural productivity & providing improved healthcare facilities & services.
International Relief &

2 Dan Fodio Street, Bakau New Town
IRD is an international rural development agency working in agricultural productivity, environment & forestry to lift country people out of poverty & self-sufficiency.
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