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Charity Associations in Gambia, P.3

National Association of Youth
& Children's Organisation
NAYCO on the MDI Road, Kanifing Municipality, is an umbrella organisation of youth groups around The Gambia promoting the interests of youths in general.
National Farmers Association
for Poverty Alleviation

NAFA in Sintet Village, Western Region, is a grass roots organisation in Gambia promoting increased farm productivity, eco-tourism, literacy & microfinance.
Nova Scotia-Gambia Association
Kanifing South, Kanifing Municipality, Banjul area
NSGA is a Canadian civil society organisation working in Gambia on health education, environmental sustainability, HIV prevention, gender equality & other issues.
Self-Reliant Development

140 Bundung Highway, Kanifing Municipality
SERDA works to increase the ability of local communities to be economically independent via garden farming, skills training for women & nursery schools support.
Fajara M Section, Banjul area
TANGO stands for The Association of Non-Governmental Organisations & is the umbrella organisation which brings NGOs together & tries to prevent the duplication of development efforts.
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 Types of NGOs      
 NGOs - A to Z


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