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Radville Farms Gambia Ltd
Toubakuta / Nema Kunku
Radvill exports fruits & vegetables by air cargo. Their crops includes oranges, mangoes, lemons, French beans, okra & butter squash.
TeeFarms Company Ltd
Kairaba Avenue, Fajara, Greater Banjul
The firm rears chickens, processes the frozen meat for export & for local sale. It also distributes live & 1 day old chicks.
Comafrique Limited
Kairaba Avenue (hq)
They have a crop farming plantation at Faraba which cultivates cashew nuts for export plus garden vegetables, sesame seeds, groundnuts, bird food  & fruits.
Barra Shrimp Farm Ltd
A seafood factory that are engaged in the large scale rearing & processing of shrimps for export to the European export market using water from the estuary.
Kombo Farms
Industrial Estate
KFL is a beef and milk producer as well as a meat processor for the wholesale & retail markets.
Gambia Hort. Enterprises
GamHort has over 247 acres of land growing off-season tropical fruits & vegetables such as lemons, mangos, chilies (Capsicums), aubergines, French beans, watermelons, squashes, pawpaw & cut flowers.
Chossan Products Trading
Kanifing Industrial Estate
Chossan is an exporter of sesame seeds & nuts.
Romar Farms Gambia Ltd
Kunkujang Jatta Village
Romar is a breeder of poultry for meat consumption & a producer of fresh eggs using the latest incubating machines.
M.A. Kharafi & Sons
Kairaba Avenue, Fajara
Their subsidiary, MAK Farm Foods, grows peppers, onions, melons, potatoes, aubergines, sweetcorn, lettuce & tomatoes on over 205 hectares.
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